Automate mass payouts today

Nuflow helps high-growth companies automate and scale their payouts from 100 to 100,000+

Don't let manual work slow your growth 🚀
Roshan Odvaji
CEO @ Megatix
"I wish Nuflow existed 2 years ago, that way we wouldn't have to build all this ourselves."
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Onboard and verify your merchants
Protect your business from chargebacks and disputes. Verify the identity of the customer, be it individual or business. Prevent fraud with bank account authorization.

Standardize payout calculation
Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Sync your transactions via API and create rules to split fees. Define dynamic rules in plain English. No Payments Engineers required.
Pay partners accurately and on-time
Create weekly or monthly settlement cycles. Set approval rules based on tiered amounts. Disburse in bulk using payment rails of choice e.g. Stripe, Xendit, Wise, or Direct Bank Transfer.
Disburse with confidence
Nuflow is integrated with all major payment rails so you don't have to.
Accounting Software of your choice
Push PO and Invoices data  to Xero with pre-built integration. Achieve real-time visiblity on your Accounts Payable.
Scale fast without reinventing the wheel

Focus on your core products and leave the PayOps stack to us. With Nuflow, you can...

Launch faster

Go Live in matter of days with minimal engineering effort

Scale for 10X growth

Don't reinvent the wheel, scale your fin-ops tech-stack with agility

Simple yet powerful

Seamless and slick user interface to get the team started quickly

Move money with ease

Save your precious engineering bandwidth for your core-business.

Payout Calculation

Complex rules made simple

Say goodbye to spreadsheet and python scripts. Say hello to a automated payout calculation engine. Write complex rules in plain English. No engineering required.

Settlement Reporting

Create flexible settlement cycles

Customize statement templates. Create settlement cycles (daily, weekly, monthly). Automatically generate and send partner statements.

Payouts & Disbursements

Pay with confidence

Automate batching and disbursement to all major banks in SEA with ease. No need to worry about integrating Payment Gateways. We do the heavy-lifting for you.

Built for your team

Payment Ops, FP&A, and Sales & BD

Payment Operations

Scale payment volume without scaling headcounts. Streamline approvals. Ensure partners get paid correctly and on-time.

Finance & Accounting

Streamline month-end close with accurate, auditable, and real-time financial data directly in Xero.

Sales & BD

Create dynamic campaigns with flexible commission structure. A/B test campaigns with different cohorts. No engineering required.

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Scale with confidence

Don't let manual work slow your growth 🚀

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